Our family

The #BabolatFamily is united by a passion for racquet sports. We’re a global community of tennis, padel, and badminton lovers that dare to drive the game forward and inspire the next generation. All around the world, Babolat’s players, coaches, employees, friends and partners share their stories.

‘When’ I win a major, not ‘if’ - Jennifer Brady


‘When I lost, my parents and coaches told me the main reason was the backhand’ - Dominic Thiem


"A good frame with bad strings is like a Ferrari with a tractor engine" – Lucien Noguès


“If you black-out a Babolat racquet and let me play with it, I’ll know which one it is right away.” – Aska Moilimou


‘Before each competition I should listen to music and simultaneously visualize the best strokes I’ve played in previous games‘ - Juan Lebrón


"Badminton saved my eyesight" – Loïc Meuriot


‘There are so many dimensions to badminton, that’s what attracted me.’ – Peter Mills


Fernando Poggi, ‘the beast’ and world champion who pioneered TV and social networks


‘Winning is not everything when you see how happy people are.’ - Rina Fujiwara


From Nadal to Padel and Club La Masó: Nicolás Delgado’s journey


"I always wanted to beat them" - Chloe Birch

‘The fact that it is a family business is something that gets me closer to them’ - Rafael Nadal