About company

Babolat was founded in Lyon, France in 1875 and is considered one of the leading tennis companies in the world, offering quality products in three sports: Tennis, Padel and Badminton.

The company's top ambassador is Rafael Nadal, holder of 22 Grand Slam titles, 14 of which in the famous Roland Garros. The racket used by the Spaniard is the Pure Aero and is considered one of the most emblematic models of all time, with thousands of sales worldwide each year. Babolat has established itself in the minds of sports fans as the leading grid maker and great Legends of the past, such as Bjorn Borg, used the natural gut (VS) while Nadal plays with the market 's top polyester, the RPM Blast.

VETO SA is the official representative of Babolat since 2016, expanding the sales network of the leading tennis products manufacturer.